Thursday, June 21, 2012

Thursday Night Off

As we have begun to settle into the Manhattan Sports Business Academy as well as our internships, it has definitely gotten easier to acclimate with the demanding schedule that comes with being a member. A normal day for the average participant begins with a morning workout at 6:30 a.m., which leads into the daily internship from 9am – 6pm, with our day culminating with a nightly speaker from 7:30pm until around 9pm. Getting back to our dorm on 20th street and 8th avenue around 9:30pm leaves us little time for recreation, but we have all undeniably found a way to become good friends in a relatively short period of time. On Thursday nights, we are given the night off from MSBA activities, allowing us a nice opportunity to catch up on rest. But, as I have learned from the indefatigable work ethic of Ben and our speakers, a night off is merely an opportunity to catch up on relevant matters.

Thursday night, I spoke with my mentor, Jason Belzer, about five goals I had set for myself moving forward. I would consider Jason one of the rising stars in the sports business industry, and it has become increasingly clear to me every time we speak how he was able to, and continues to rise through the ranks and build his personal brand. Jason is an incredibly skilled communicator, and has provided me with advantageous ways to reach out to contacts and build relationships. Along with steering me towards the path he knows I ultimately want to go down, Jason has given me innumerable pieces of invaluable lessons that I am incredibly grateful for. David Oestreicher, the MSBA Managing Director, did me a huge favor by pairing me up with Jason. 

After speaking with Jason, I caught up on a bit of reading I had neglected that week, and sent an email to a friend of mine, and someone I have huge admiration for. Jordan Zimmerman, the Founder and Chairman of Zimmerman Advertising, is one of the most successful people I have had the opportunity to speak with. Jordan started his agency with $10,000 he had saved, and over the years has grown his agency into the 14th largest in the country. Jordan was recently named Florida’s Entrepreneur of the Year by Ernst & Young, and continues to grow his personal brand. On his website, (a motto that Ben and Jordan share), Jordan is running a promotion where he will be giving away a full scholarship to a student attending a college or university in Florida. So, if you are reading this and plan to go to school in Florida, apply! Ben and I are hoping we will be able to find a mutually convenient date in which Jordan can come and speak to the MSBA participants. 

As our journey continues this summer, I most assuredly look forward to continue to meet industry leaders, while experiencing a great deal of once-in-a-lifetime moments. MSBA has been incredible so far, and based on these past three weeks, I know it is only going to get better.

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